Shiver me timbers,
That’s one clean treasure chest!

Butt Pirate Douche

Butt Pirate Douche

  • Douche before and after anal sex
  • Cleans out liquids & solids, deodorizes
  • Vanilla or strawberry flavors
  • Organic, vegan friendly, 9 fl. oz.
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If anal sex is your thing, you know it takes preparation to avoid major turnoffs like mud helmet and fecal odors. You and your partner want to enjoy yourselves without those kinds of problems.

The solution is simple: A thorough douche cleans out that back door passage, leaving it fresh and inviting. And if you use Butt Pirate douche, you will even smell and taste good!

Butt Pirate may be a funny name but the product does what's required to help keep anal sex enjoyable. The makers recommend its use before and after sexual intercourse, and to wash away lube residue. Butt Pirate disposable douche may be used as long as the bottle remains unopened.

Of course, a product meant to be used inside your body will have some warnings and conditions. Here are a few:

  • Douching does not prevent or treat sexually transmitted diseases or other genital infection.
  • Do not use if you are experiencing any discharge, burning, itching, pain or discomfort.
  • Do not use if you have anal bleeding or spotting.
  • Do not use more than twice a week.
  • Do not use if you develop anal dryness or irritation after using this product.

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